Urban Exploration

Urban Exploration

Well how about an explanation of what urban exploration is for those who don’t know.
Urban Exploration, in the classical sense, is the exploration of all things unseen, forgotten, disused, abandoned, and off limits. This means, but is not limited to, subways (and their abandoned stations and tunnels) , abandoned buildings of all types, rail roads, utility tunnels, bridges, construction sites, etc.

I had originally started this site as an urban exploration blog because at the time I was heavily into it. Unfortunately as time wore on I either lost interest or ran out of places to go or people to go with. One thing that I always enjoyed was the great graffiti that you usually find in abandoned or hidden places. Since posting the set from FivePoints in Queens I have received a lot of feedback as well as a lot of hotlinking of my graffiti pictures. I don’t actually know that much about the whole graffiti culture, I just think it looks cool.
I still enjoy exploring cities and I hope one day to get back into UE.

These are the original sets of urban exploration photos from Boston and New York. To save space and bandwidth I have transfered everything to my Flickr account.

Urban Exploration Boston

Grand Junction Railroad – Boston

Watertown Branch Railroad – Boston

Needham Brach Railroad – Boston

Port Norfolk – Boston

Box Factory – Boston

Haymarket Station – Boston

Charlestown – Boston

Urban Exploration New York

Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse – Brooklyn

Far Rockaway – Queens

Revere Sugar Refinery – Brooklyn

The High Line – Manhattan

Red Hook – Brooklyn

Williamsburgh Waterfront – Brooklyn
A Day At The Beach
Coney Island – Brooklyn
Abandoned Subway Station – The Bronx
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