The High Line

The High Line

I moved the New York in the summer of 2005 and I had been interested in urban exploration photography for some time before that. New York had so much to off for me but the first thing I wanted to see was the High Line on the west side of Manhattan. At that time it was still a hulking abandoned relic hiding in plain sight. A few initial attempts were made but all ended in failure of getting up to the tracks. On a warm November day I tired again. While walking into the truck lot across the street from the
Javits Center I noticed a couple who were following me. When we got across the lot and onto the tracks that lead up to the High Line I turned to talk with them. The man had grown up in the area and had visited the High Line many times in his youth. That day he was bringing his girlfriend along because she had never seen it. As an urban explorer I wasn’t really used to running into people while exploring so I let them wander off ahead of me while I tried to document and take in the incredeble natural landscape which floated through the city.

At the time I was actually dismayed that these people were in my photographs; after all the point of urban exploration is to go where there are no people. It wasn’t until years later when the amazing High Line park opened and this once tranquil preserve became a world attraction, flooded daily with people, that I realized how lucky I was to capture that moment. These two people, out in the alien zone above the city, all alone, represent our spirit of adventure and discovery

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