Far Rockaway

Far Rockaway

In the 1960’s, Robert Moses declared the part of Far Rockaway known as Arverne a slum and had some 300 homes razed. Unlike other urban renewal programs, nothing happened here and the land sits vacant and is slowly being reclaimed by mother nature. Needless to say there isn’t much to see here so this is a very short photo journal, hardly urban exploration, but interesting none the less.

More images can be found on the Flickr page.

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  1. I lived in Far Rockaway from 1955 through 1968. I went to Cardoza J.H. S. and Far Rock high school. My parents owned bungalows on 36 st. and the miniature golf coarse on 36th.I worked on the boardwalk during t those years for Lenny and Marilyn Cohen.I was bar mitzvad and married at the Shara Zedik Shule on 36th and edgemere ave. I alsoworked for Henry Moss pharmacy on Edgemere ave. between 35th and 34th st.Far Rockaway was a paradise for local teenagers.N.Y.C. killed a whole population when it tore all of Rockaway down. No one really knew why. It was never a slum.But the city made it one.The people of Far Rockaway live through a form of spiritual genocide.The city of New York tore the hearts out of thousands of people.The leaders should go to Far Rockaway now and bow their heads and cry.

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