It’s been almost 5 years since I developed the original vanmaps, the New York City Subway Infographic Posters, and I am very proud to announce a...

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New vanmaps for sale!

Back when I made this map for the Boston Magazine challenge for the next big thing in Boston I was pretty burned out about the whole future map thing ...

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New Future MBTA Map

I think that the purpose of the MBTA needs to be split from an all-encompassing transit authority into purely that of operations. A parent authority s...

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Changing the role of the MBTA

I came back to Boston to walk around and let no man say that I did not fulfill my wantings. I walked in three sections and you can see my routes by cl...

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Back in Boston: Part 2

I’m staying with my best friend from high school, Ian. He now lives in Jamaica Plain, near Hyde Sq. He told me to take the Orange Line to Jackso...

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Back in Boston: Part 1

It’s been a while since I last posted here but going to school and working full time, as well as building another website, has taken over most o...

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Update? Update!