New York City Subway Diagrams

New York City Subway Diagrams


I’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to print these posters! Donate $25 and get a poster of your choice!

The NYC Subway Diagram set is a new series of posters which show the lines of the subway as they are geographically.  Each line is geographically to scale to itself (meaning no two posters are at the same scale) and not abstracted.  The lines themselves are taken out of their context and set against a sold color background, the color of the line, and beautifully contrasted.  All stations are show; single stations as an open circle and transfer stations as a solid circle.  The the tops is the name of the trunk line and each branch line as well as the famous “bullets” with each train.  At the bottom is a short description with some history as well as statistics about how each line compares to the entire system.

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  1. Very interesting pictures. I am just curious how you did this, did you use a mta map and just separate each individual line in a different layer in like photoshop. Either way very interesting.

  2. I had created a geographic map for the futureNYCSubway series in Adobe Illustrator so I had the shape files already. I saw on this other blog a similar idea using the London Underground and realized I could just flip the color and have a really cool series. Call it graphic design left overs.

  3. Ah ok very cool. I was looking to do something similar recently but I just wasn’t sure on how to get each individual subway line separated.