theFutureMBTA has moved!

theFutureMBTA has moved!

I finally got off my but and moved my Future MBTA to its own website:

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  1. Hi: I just found your futurembta web site via the Boston Phoenix. For an inveterate drawer of subway lines on maps of Boston, it was a lot of fun. I particularly think your Indigo and Yellow lines are a clever idea I havn’t heard anywhere else. [My idea for getting the MBTA to Harvard’s Alston campus was to extend the Blue line along the Charles River.]
    Can I make some suggestions: 1. Could you add ‘comment’ features to all the pages, so your site can become a public forum for mbta ideas?
    2. Adding links to studies of some of the ideas would be good, explaining acronyms via links would help too.
    3. All your ideas are really detailed; how about some ‘strategy’? Some strategic ideas are implied in your text: adding service to densely populated, underserved areas; making interconnections between lines to add robustness. Some analysis of where people want to go – from studying auto trips for example – could be a guide of where to build. My guess is that connecting lots of lines to Route 128 (you have several suggestions for this) would connect people in Boston to work and shopping on 128, and would encourage commuters to come to Boston via the MBTA.
    4. You don’t have any entry for the North-South Rail link. There was a great study of this a few years back. [It used to be easy to find on Google, but I couldn’t locate it just now.] Joining up the two halves of the Commuter rail would give Boston a fine long route system like the RER in Paris, and the land freed up at North and South Stations for development would offset the cost considerably.
    5. If we’re going to have a dozen stations on Route 128, how about a 128 rail link along the median, connecting all the office parks and malls? A ‘suburban ring’, excellent for commuting.
    Keep on writing!

    ps on my screen this is all formatted ‘centered’. sorry about that. i don’t know why and can’t change it.

  2. I found your site through my curiosity and google. When I found it the future MBTA piece was part of the regular site and there were many more maps to look at and compare to your other ones. I love the way you expand the Green Line and Silver Line, but what if your F line, which goes to mattapan utilized the HSL corridor and went all the way to Ashmont? Another question I have is: Do the Silver Lineexpansion plans involve turning it in to ight rail and running the lines through the same tunnel as the GL? and would the trains we the same models as the current GL and would they be run like the current GL, or like the NYC subway? Thanks for inspiring me, your site is one of theways i got the idea to become an urban planner when i get older (i’m 14).